Covid 19
Office Closed The Northern Virginia Management office will remain open during normal business hours, but the lobby will be closed, and business will be transacted via phone or email. Payments can be put through the mail slot on the office door. We thank you for your cooperation as we work together to stop the spread of the virus.



Northern Virginia Management, Inc. will use up-to-date computerized financial management software program and a complete general ledger system to control all property financial management relating to Sample Homeowners Association. Northern Virginia Management, Inc.’s records will include all individual unit payment histories, fee receipts, association property maintenance, cash disbursements, and check writing, and will cover the following financial management services:
  • cash management
  • accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • collections
  • invoicing
  • inventory
  • budget preparation

Northern Virginia Management, Inc. will work closely with the Board to implement a long-term financial plan and to prepare a reserve fund budget to replace capital items in the common and limited common elements of the Association. Northern Virginia Management, Inc. will also help the Board to insure that its reserve and operating funds earn the highest available interest in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and the Virginia Homeowners Act. Northern Virginia Management, Inc. will transfer funds from the operating account to the reserve account in accordance with the Association’s reserve fund schedule.

All funds will be established and maintained in a separate account. Northern Virginia Management, Inc. Associates will not commingle Association funds in the financial accounting procedures or banking transactions.

Northern Virginia Management, Inc. will use the accrual method of accounting for Sample Homeowners Association.